GTKFileChooser that don’t suck

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Mar 312020

User-friendly software is good. But it shoud not mean dumb-friendly. Or at least not be disabling for powerusers. There are now a couple of years that the gtk file chooser has this awful recursive search that confuses everything most of the time and which is a dangerous complete nonsense for writing.

I first thought that this stupid thing would die from darwinian natural selection but nope.

In fact, it seems that it has been purposefully hardcoded in order to prevent users from disabling it from dconf.

SO EVIL ! (Or maybe is it just stupidity)

This thing has been a pain in the ass for too long. Here is a way I found to restore the good old behaviour again for Debian Buster. (not tested with jessie or previous releases, may need updates afterwards)

create a new tmp directory and put theses 2 files into it

then run the shell script as root (the workdir should be the directory containing theses files)

  • It will first install building tools
  • It will download the sources, patch it , compile it, replace the running version and mark the package to « hold » this version.

The compilation process will take time (10 min on my comuter wich is reasonably fast)

After this. Restart X11 or just reboot the computer if you are lazy.

GTKFileChooser should be more productive now.