Oct 182019

J’ai découvert cette chanson que je trouve très jolie

Ci dessous une traduction des passages yiddish en anglais

Silent stars are shining over you
In the frost your hands are numb
Remember, sweet comrade, how I showed you
How a soldier holds her gun

A girl, a coat of fur and leather
Holding a pistol in her hand
Waiting and watching for the German
Convoy to come around the bend

The quiet night is full of stars
And the frost has strongly burned;
Do you remember how I have taught you
To hold a gun in the hand?

Shtil di nakht iz oysgeshternt
Un der frozt hat shtark gebrent
Tsi gedenkstu vi ikh hob dikh gelernt
Haltn a shpayer in di hent

A girl, a fur coat and a beret
And holds in her hand tightly a Nagant
A girl with a face as smooth as velvet
Holds up the enemy’s caravan.

A moyd, a peltsl un a beret
Un halt in hant fezt a nagan
A moyd mit a sametenem ponim
Hit op dem soynes karavan

She aims her trusty little weapon
Breathes, and pulls the trigger back
A transport full of ammunition
One shot stops it in it’s tracks

Aimed, fired and hit
Has her tiny pistol.
A vehicle filled with weapons
She has stopped with one bullet.

Getsilt, geshosn un getrofn
Hot ir kleyninker piztoyl
An oyto a fulinkn mit vofn
Farhaltn hot zi mit eyn koyl

At dawn, she crawls out of the forest
With garlands of snow all in her hair
One more little victory for freedom
One more comrade brave and fair

Before daybreak, she comes out of the forest
With snow garlands on her hair,
Encouraged by a minuscule victory
For our new, free generation.

Fartog fun vald aroysgekrokhn
Mit shney girlandn oyf di hor
Gemutikt fun kleyninkn nitsokhn
Far undzer nayem frayen dor

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